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Sep 1 '11

Final Deliverables for LAUSD Although I’m in the second week of classes, I didn’t finish up with my internship until yesterday. In the morning I headed over to the Beaudry building and up to the 15th floor for my final meeting with the team that I worked alongside all summer. On my way, I began to run the whole summer through my head. As I walked through the 15th floor, I glanced at the narrow desk in the hallway that I frequently worked at. The day that I stood up from that desk and rammed my head on the low, over-hanging file cabinet was my “ah-ha” moment. The bruise on my head reminded me that I was definitely not working in a fancy corporate setting like many of my classmates, but it didn’t matter because I loved what I was doing. The purpose of my analysis wasn’t to exceed revenue targets. Knowing that I was going to make recommendations for a system that could increase teacher effectiveness, thereby impacting the quality of education of 672,000 students, is what made my summer a very memorable and valuable experience. Needless to say, I felt fortunate with my placement and project this summer. Understanding the importance and LAUSD’s need of a pay-for-performance model, I tried my best to deliver something of value that could be useful even after I left. The presentation itself was somewhat informal in that we sat around a conference table as I walked them through the deck that summarized my work over the summer. I highlighted some key takeaways from my other two deliverables and made sequencing recommendations to successfully move LAUSD toward a pay-for-performance model. My other two deliverables were the incentive models and a heat map. The purpose of the incentive models is to demonstrate what LAUSD would look like under each of the three selected high-profile district models. Each model showed an individual teacher’s earnings over their career as well as a breakdown of the yearly cost to the district. The heat map underscored best practices and components that align with attracting, supporting and retaining effective teachers. Alignment with the UTLA contract was also included, but not rated. Jessica Salazar