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Each year, the USC Marshall Society and Business Lab (SBL) awards subsidies to MBA students who intern at nonprofit and social enterprise organizations. Follow their adventures.

Aug 18 '11

Courtney’s Post #2

I cannot believe it’s my second-to-last day with CORE!  A few days ago, I printed and compiled all my work from the summer and organized it into binders.  Even if I do say so myself, I got a lot done and am very proud of my efforts.  It feels great to actually look at and hold a finished, physical product that’s ready to be handed off.

My job’s not done yet, though!  I’ve been working hard on the training video project and totally underestimated how much preparation it would take.  Researching, writing training manuals, buying a video camera and software, learning how to use the new technology, putting together a script, gathering “actors,” getting props, finding an appropriate location, the list goes on and on.  It’s fun having a challenge, though, and I think all the preparation will pay off at today’s shoot.

Keeping my fingers crossed!