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Aug 16 '11

Skye Tirsbier - California Charter Schools Association, Blog #4

On August 11th, Education Pioneers had its Annual Showcase, where the Education Pioneers Fellows were able to celebrate the conclusion of their internship.  The keynote speaker was Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Russlyn Ali.  One of the points she made that really resonated with me was with regards to the opportunity gap in education.  By 2025 a majority of students will be of color and by 2050 a majority of adults will be of color in the United States. In her speech, Russlyn argues that if America does not invest in closing the opportunity gap and provide students of color the same educational opportunity as their white affluent counterparts, the country’s national security and global competitiveness will be compromised in the future.

I feel the future may already be upon us.  For the last couple of weeks, I have been mesmerized by wall street’s reaction to the United State’s rating downgrade.  I have found myself asking, “Is this the beginning of the end for the US?” A friend of mine forwarded to me an interesting report and presentation on the US debt crisis by Mary Meeker, a former financial analyst at Morgan Stanley.  In this report she does an excelled job explaining the cause of the debt crisis and what it means to Americans as the Nation moves forward.  One thing she mentions in the presentation that echoes Russlyn Ali’s speech is the important of education.  While the US has gone on a mad spending spree with regards to entitlements, it has not increased its investment in education for the last few decades.  Perhaps, this may explain why the US is ranked very low in math and reading compared to other OECD countries. 

I worry about the future.  However, one thing that has been reaffirmed for me during my Education Pioneers internship is that education is the key to a better future. Public education should be the government’s number one priority. Human capital is America’s largest asset, and if we don’t invest in an equitable education system for every child in its borders, our greatest asset will become our greatest liability.

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